Monday, January 14, 2013

A Beautiful Goodbye

Team Pembroke - High Performing Team Award (Salie and Chillai not on this photo)

Today marks my first day in my new project Dot Com. When we had our Meet and
Greet this morning I felt like I had my first day again, I was silent well not as loud if I'm with my Nokia and Finland Team Meeting wherein laughter was all around the room. I missed our conversations with my teammates and my team leader that are all NON WORK related HAHAHA.. I missed how we spent 3 hours with no agenda just plain talk with no subject from Gwen's suspension to Jinkee Pacquiao's candidacy to Mar Roxas presidential candidacy to Cary Santiago's 100 thousand worth wedding gown to wedding requirements to wedding receptions to many many more. I remembered whenever someone rolls in our team, Yul our team leader will really inform the newbie to be ready with  current events so she can get along with our conversations, then after all those chit chats who would have thought 3 hours had passed. Wheeeeeew!! 

I'm gonna miss my friends, How we enjoyed chatting all day with all non sense, They are mainly the reason why I love working in Accenture. I never felt like working for me being with them work is just an accessory in my daily office routine. Oh my I remembered all the tears I cried from my previous project, tears because of too much joy that I can't contain, tears because my report was a mess, tears because I was tired of creating the same reports for almost 10 months now but looking back God really was so good to me for letting me work in a project where I was one of the pioneering support, a project without processes, a project with very demanding clients and the list goes on but because of Nokia I learned a lot from creating reports with Microsoft Excel hahaha..  ( I started working without any knowledge of Excel or any MS Applications), Analyzing reports (well ever since I love analyzing so I was happy that I was given the opportunity to do this more with my previous project) and lastly I met beautiful people. 

To the beautiful people I met Chikeedu, Chillai, Caria, Gerald, Jack, Budoy, Thank you! :)
and to Salie and Joon lets rock on sa Dot Com hehehe :)

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

ELF Eyebrow Collection

One of my New Year's resolution is to groom my eyebrows. HAHAHA.. I know this is crazy and unbelievable but I don't keep my brows presentable at all times. I find it very time consuming and useless  My friends made laugh of my brows it's similar with a goat's brows  as what they say.. and so virgin "daw" HAHAHA

 Before I only had presentable brows whenever I made a visit to Ellen's Facial Center or Kris Marquez (make-up artist in Cebu that I surely love) and that's like thrice a year. If you can only imagine   


I don't know how to pluck my eyebrows all by myself.

But now with the help of this eyebrow collection I recently found from Watsons while strolling at SM with my friend, making sure that my eyebrows are set is easy as 1,2,3 HAHAHA :)

Here are also tips on how to pluck you eyebrows
at the end of this blog post is a video of my favorite Youtube make-up Guru Michelle Phan teaching us how to maintain our eyebrows.

The instructions is found at the back. I recommend this for those who don't know how to pluck their brows and for those first-timers like me.

It is already equipped with stencils, tweezers,mascara,concealer brush and of course the brow powder
the mascara is used to set the hair to place to avoid the goatey brow effect  you can also use it for you lashes :)

 back of the box
 with the price of P399 I can say its worth the penny 


As promised here is the tutorial

Saturday, January 5, 2013



overall rating


I love their


very very yummy

One of the yummiest quesadillas in Cebu, 
the presentation was also great

rate 5/5

I ordered pork tenderloin

All I can say is that spending my P195 on this dish is just so pricey and the pork was over cooked (hard) :(
the food presentation is also kinda poor

rate 2/5

Other dishes you should try in Sprockets

 8 pcs fried chicken (I forgot the name)
pasta marina (seafood pasta)

I ordered green apple iced tea but it lacks sugar and I'm not even a sweet person so if I say it lacks sugar it really lacks sugar!! hahaha =)


Very accommodating
Friendly service crew
clean restrooms

I envy the menu list!!! 

Visit Again? Definitely! I will try their desserts and other milk teas =)