Monday, June 7, 2010


Anger the word that I hate so much but lets face it nobody wants to be angry but it's inevitable. All of us gets angry no matter we like it or not. Its how we handle it. well in my case im easily irritated and sometimes I lose control of me feelings. How am I going to hande this?? just yesterday I was so angry at our enrollment it was so chaotic that I almost cry but my tears are just there in my eyes because I was trying to be strong. I have some tips on controlling anger oh its personal suggestion I didn't have any references on this so meaning this might not work with you.

1.) SPA--- woootwooot!!! a massage is the best to release stress and anger too especially using lavender..

2.) watch DVD- love story i insist or shrek!! hahaha

3.) eat but gluttony is different- eat and eat but not too much and remember to burn the calories after.

4.) DANCE-- this is what I usually do in my room! :)

5.) TALK your problem with your best friend-- I usually do this trust me this helps :)

Tuesday, June 1, 2010


2010-2011 school year will formally open the week after next. I'm excited in a way that this last school year I will not let any distractions come my way. When I was in my elementary years my grandfather used to tell me "READ READ READ WRITE WRITE WRITE STUDY STUDY" I promise to myself that I will do that. I'm in a bad shape right now. I let all negative energies come my way and it cause me pain and stress. I will start my life now the way God wants it to be. Less talks less back bites..OMG how am I going to achieve that?? People know me as the MS INFORMATION they might realize I'm changing and in that way they think I'm being others. what am I going to do?? anyways I'm turning 20 this July 5 its so near and its the time to think over and preparing for the future to come, After reading 4 novels of Paulo Coelho namely The Alchemist which I've read for 3 times already but never getting bored then Witch of Portobello then Veronika Decides to Die where I realized not all people in the asylum are crazy its just that they are living in their own world and just last night I finished 11 minutes. I am certain that 2 years from now I will look for my soul in other countries. I will not let anybody hurt me because I am strong now. I will not make friends because based on experience they will kill you within but that doesn't mean i will be hostile (that's a different story). DESIREE NADINE CAFE ROSEL that's the name of the girl that I will never forget the rest of my life know why?? because I really felt betrayed after all we shared. She used to be very timid then I taught her how to be herself show her confidence and all but one day out form no where she paralyzed something in me. Well thanks to her because of her I know noy to trust anybody except your family. One year from now I will bid goodbye in this place I will soar high with my wings full of love leaving all the hurts and agony behind.... but still ITS SO NEAR YET SOO FAR