Sunday, February 10, 2013

Adobe Photoshop CS6

Last Saturday my friends went to Lilo-an Cebu for a shoot. To edit or in photography's term "post process" is part of every photographer's daily routine every after shoot. I used to edit using Lightroom 4 but then I let my friend installed CS6 to the laptop so now I'm having a hard time editing since I don't know how to use the CS6. I spent my Saturday night and whole Sunday watching tutorials on Youtube, even as I blog right now a youtube tab is playing another tutorial. Damn this is hard and its really testing my patience.

The reason why I was looking for another editor is that I don't appreciate how Lightroom 4 removes blemishes. Unlike CS6 that it is so easy.. but then there are just so many buttons, not so friendly applications in CS6 that I still have to learn via youtube tutorials. So far so good but so tiring hehe =)

BTS of the shoot.

Story behind the shoot, I named it "Wish for Autumn" hehehe..

I love autumn but then I live in a 2 season country so I could only wish for it. That's why I named that shoot that way =)

Mary Janeene is sister of my good friend Angie, she works in a bank and runs an online accessories shop. Good thing she said yes to be our model. The whole experience was an adventure and a great escapade.

Photos of the shoot

Thanks Gie for being the official HMUA for this shoot and making me laugh so hard (ikaw na Gie)
Style Avenue for the oufit and the accessories
Poyetch for supporting the whole activity (well she was just facebooking the whole time HAHAHA)
Patty for installing the CS6 for me and helping me every time I encounter problems with photography to I.T. churva! hehe =)

Thursday, February 7, 2013


I want to be the only one and not number one in your life, If I'm number one then there could be number 2, number 3 and so forth. HAHAHAHA nag joke ko =)
Valentine's day is fast approaching and I might be busy with work and not to blog on that day so I make a pre valentine's blog post. This blog is primary for my boy readers I hope this could help you enlighten your heart and your pocket this Valentine's Day.

1.) Boys whether your girl tells you not to buy flowers for her on Valentine's Day because it's just overrated and expensive STILL buy her flowers. Us girls tends to care about your expenses but to receive a bouquet of flowers is every girl's dream on Valentine's Day.

2.)  Don't tell her beforehand your plans on Valentine's day instead SURPRISE her.

3.) Always prepare for traffic on the road so better schedule your leave and spend the rest of the day with her. HAHAHAHA I know this is crazy =)

4.) Restaurants will be reserved and a lot of lovers will date so better have a reservation starting now.

5.) Instead of watching a movie might as well sing your lungs out and act insane

6.) Always have plan B if plan A will not work (watch movie but the line is long, you better have a second plan than to stare on her and act hopeless and helpless)

7.) Don't let her think what to do next PLAN EVERYTHING!!!

8.) Prepare your funny pick-up lines so she will not get bored while eating with you. Remember : A way to a man's heart is through his stomach but to capture a girl's heart is making her laugh.

9.) Oh I forgot don't just give your flowers without your handwritten Love Letter, Girls love sentimental little things, girls will treasure it forever. A flower without a handwritten love letter is NOTHING.

10.) Make her feel special in any way you are comfortable in expressing it.

Valentine's Day is the only day that you are allowed to be romantic in public. Girls love it when you do it infront of their friends HAHAHA (in my personal opinion). Be romantic guys!!

This is not only for boys who are in a relationship this also implies to boys that wants to date a girl but shy to let her know, You better tell her before some other guy will.

For single ladies Valentine's Day will not be a boring day just invite other single friends and have a night out, eat a lot and enjoy that day. =)

Monday, February 4, 2013

Photo editing secrets

While we were packing up after the Red Valentine shoot in Fort San Pedro, I noticed a little girl maybe 7 or 8 years old holding a Canon 1D series camera. There are also other photographers in the location so as the little girl was in action with her professional camera body whom I highly suspect belongs to her father their eyes drooled with jealousy. Come on! That's like Canon's most expensive camera body and every photographer's dream to own.

If I'm on the little girl's little shoes I don't give a damn how much the camera I'm holding what's on my head is that I love to take a photo and document everything and be artistic on it. When I was young my love for colors and how I gave importance to every little detail on my art project influenced the girl I am today. I prefer to overdo my project so that it can cause attention. 

That explains my style in Photography I prefer to work with natural light, play with the sun and of course colorful location. 

                                                      Photography - rule of thirds

When editing my photos I love it when everything is surreal, something extraordinary and vibrant eye candy colors.  I edit using Lightroom 4 that's all for now my photoshop CS6 is still to be installed hopefully this weekend if my friend will do it for me. 

I play the colors surrounding my subject and usually decrease the saturation level to not destroy the skin tone of my model. I also choose the temperature to use depending on how the sun hits my subject, see that's how important the sun is for me I'm not a fan of external flashes so I depend on the amount of sunlight that hits my model most importantly the face. 

I make sure to use contrast, sharpening, noise reduction and highlight a little. That simple!!

So how to achieve good photos? Don't rely on editing, focus more on getting a perfect photo and enhance it with any editor you have. Again photo editors are enhancers so don't depend too much on them. A bad photo is a bad photo no matter how much editing you do :)

Capture an emotion then apply the photography rules, since I'm a newbie I choose to obey them for now. Sooner or later I might break them HAHAHA..

Saturday, February 2, 2013


It's been like 3 weeks since my last entry and believe me I was having a hard time creating a post again because I forgot how to set my photo to its default size (set by me). I was shocked when I uploaded the photo and the result was a distorted one so I have to open my previous posts and inspect their HTML codes, enough of that and let's proceed to the story of Red Valentine =)

February 2,2012 - The day of the shoot.
Morning that day I met with Angie (blogger) and we attended a seminar or more likely an orientation of  a life changing agency. HAHAHA..Had lunch with Angie at Ayala and met with Kpat and Chikeedu.

We went to Fort San Pedro for this Valentine shoot, as we pay for the entrance it was so funny when the in-charge let Chikeedu and me pay only the student rate and charged Kpat and Angie the regular rate HAHAHAHA :P

Valentine's Day is almost there and Love will be in the atmosphere that day but lucky are those who will share it with their partners and blessed are those who never give up looking for their the ONE.

Here are the photos of that shoot

more about my model, Her name is Christina Duque a very good friend of mine. We work in the same company and I admire her simple Filipina beauty. This shoot was supposed to be done last December but something happened to Chikeedu so we have to move it.

Behind the scenes 

Angie also a blogger and an awesome make-up artist was the over-all-in-charge of ChikeeDu's make-up

Salie a dear friend of mine was so funny that day, She was late but  kept us all laughing all throughout the shoot. Thanks for supporting Sal I love you! HAHAHA =)

A photo of the team (Me, Salie, Chikeedu, Angie) photo by my friend Kpat, He by the way is my teacher in photography so I owe all my photography knowledge to him.

I can see a lot of emotion on the photo below. Love it so much :)

We ended that day with dinner at Silogan ni Gian and watched Shutter since that movie is all about photography and headed to SM =)