Monday, October 29, 2012



My huge love for make-ups started when I was a kid. I used to look at my mother putting on her make-up and I love how she put on her blush, eye liner and lastly lipstick. I don't usually put on make-up (well only when I'm in mood for a make-over) but I love collecting them,touching them and trying it to others.

Last Saturday, My friends and I are game for a make-over plus a photo shoot Wheeeeeeeew!! 2 things I love to do. So I brought along my make-ups, asked friends to bring also and we had a fun time putting on make-up.
 I still have a hard time creating fake crease but surely next time I'll do this perfectly Jean :)
Aby smiling for the camera 


If Past wasn't on this photo I should have use this as a cover photo HAHAHA :)
 Gotta practice using my left eye soon :)

Friday, October 26, 2012


Me: Jooon give me a sexy pose
Jooon: Dara!!!

Today I'll show to you my photos from yesterday's Trick or Treat held at E-bloc 2 I.T. Park Cebu City.

I love Gerald's make-up it's inspired by Captain Jack Sparrow's eye make-up. 
He don't look like a pirate to me he is more of a gay macho dancer (Markova)hahaha...

No effort look for Bobilles! Yehey!! :))
Ermitanyo? Padre Damasu? 

Jigz Adiong as Captain Jack Sparrow

Bobilles as Hagrid?? Or Pirate?? You pick! 

Jack Ampo another pirate. He should be congratulated for his efforts on his make-up he did it solo and asked no help from anyone in the office :)

Francis Tan :)
 Elaine as Tinkerbell or Peter Pan?? Again you decide :)

 Leslie the baby pirate

Poyetch as a fairy

Jose as a vampire

Gerald without make-up and already playing with bubbles :)

I loved to hop every cube to take photos yesterday but I have to hide it from the guards-on-duty since I'm not one of the official photographers for the event but these photos are still worth a smile.


The company I work for threw a contest by team in celebration of Halloween yesterday, October 26 2012. We were assigned to design our respective cubes with the concept of pirates and fairies. 
My friend Chillai loves to have mushrooms she said they are very crucial in Neverland, so we made a mushroom.

Here's our finish mushroom.....

So what happened behind that mushroom? When you look at the mushroom you can say that's easy to make but honestly you need time, tons of newspaper, paints and chicken wires.


For the head of the mushroom just look for an umbrella and cover it with newspapers then paint it like a mushroom.

Step 1. Buy chicken wires from the hardware store 1 meter for 1 mushroom

Step 2.  To create the body of the mushroom, using a straw or any wire that is strong enough to hold the chicken wire tie end to end.

3.) After tying the end to end of the  chicken wires cover it with 7-10 layers of newspapers. 

4.) Time to paint guys.. Cover the floor with newspapers to avoid messing up

Don't forget to smile when a camera is infront of you :)

Thursday, October 18, 2012


If you are looking for a good deal with cameras I put my name on Camera Trader. He sells cameras and  accessories. 

 This is my first camera so I was looking for a mid range and now I'm sure I'm gonna upgrade soon 
 Manual I don't like reading it I prefer one on one hehehe :)
My cheap but sharp lens.. Super loving this little thing.

You can check other products og Camera Trader in his Facebook


This blog entry is more of a feedback of last Saturday's meeting with Ryan, He owns Camera Trader, an online camera hub in Cebu. I'm gonna share to you when did my passion for photography all started. So here it goes.

Last July when I went to Manila with my best friend Mel to celebrate my birthday and watched Nikki Minaj's concert I saw a lot of moments perfect to capture like a busy working girl in the MRT station running with her 5-inch heels, Bonifacio Global City's beautiful buidlings, Makati night lights and etchetera. So I said to myself right after that trip I'm gonna save for a camera so on my next trip I will capture every moment with my camera and not just a memory of it.

So the search was on for the most affordable DSLR without compromising the quality...

I am not comfortable buying from online stores for several reasons 1 of them was SHIPPING I get paranoid everytime I buy something that needs to be shipped how much more with cameras? so when my friend told me about Camera Trader I didn't have any second thoughts of setting a schedule with the owner Ryan. 

We met up in Starbucks Ayala.He was very accommodating and I learned a lot about him. It was not just a meet-get the product-goodbye set-up, We chatted about school, profession and even online games though he was more comfortable talking with Pat since I don't have any idea about computer games. hehehe :)


CANON 600D with 50mm f/1.8 

Thanks Ryan for the Camera deal and Patty for checking the unit   with me :)

4 Days after purchasing the camera I took an estimate of 600-700 shots already that's how crazy I am over camera..hehehe

Shots with my Toy...

My Happiness - Alice =)

 Isn't she lovely? Say yes or I'll let her bark at you  till you die due to noise pollution :P
next photo is my baby Beauty, she is 4 years old. I bought her right after my operation 4 years ago. I was advised by my doctor to rest for a month and those times were considered one of the draggiest days of my life. Thanks to Beauty she eased the pain I was going through that time :)


 Dee Uy and Shane Albacete 
 Salie, Chikeedu, Poyetch, Chillai, Caria and Jack
Jean and Aby's sandals :)



Thank again Ryan of Cameratrader till my next purchase.

You can check him in Multiply or Facebook guys.