Friday, September 28, 2012

Let’s Move & Let’s Love

What do you miss the most on your college days?

Is it the lessons?
Is it your favorite teacher?
Or your friends?

I totally go to the third one. Looking back college years the first thing that comes to my mind are my FRIENDS. It's our custom to gather up every Christmas for the past 4 years to eat, exchange gifts, exchange Christmas letters, sing-a-long / Karaoke but after graduation we separated ways; busy with our personal lives we barely share laughs and time. Let me share to you our Christmas stories..

 Christmas 2009 @ Bianos Pizzeria

 with the most funny GLACE SOLIANO - from being college friends to officemates. Yehey!

Presenting the SPICE GIRLS HAHAHAHAH =))
@ K1 Karaoke House

 While preparing for our Kris Kringle


Aside from giving gifts and letters, I pledge to help Junie organize a Christmas Party not for us but for the Kids with Cancer, Jake an office mate of mine will help us reach out to Perpetual Succour Hospital where Kids with cancer are confine. This is ultimately the biggest event to organize yet in my life. I will commit myself to give the kids with cancer the best Christmas Party for year 2012. I love kids and I know how painful cancer is (my lola and lolo died of cancer) to suffer this kind of ailment is a big burden especially for them. I know this is going to be a one hard task but with the help of my true friends everything is possible.


nothing beats a genuine smile from an innocent child.

These photos were taken during an outreach program sponsored by Accenture Inc.

How about you? What's your plan to commit an act of love this year? 


Was there a time in your life you feel guilty for not being contented?

 I'M GUILTY!! For my whole existence I find myself complaining with a lot of non-sense things like if only I was born with naturally straight hair so I don't have to spend hair rebond session every year, I envy those who shops like Hollywood stars, girls with unending supply of clothes and shoes and the long list goes on, all these worldly pleasures that I find fascinating made myself a prisoner of limited happiness. I was blinded with the truth that there are still a lot of  people in this world who are less fortunate yet didn't find time to complain. 

    photos from google

 Lesson from this blog :

No matter how low you feel right now, There is always and always be a reason for you to be grateful.

Friday, September 21, 2012

It's been ONE year already

I joined Accenture last year without knowing the job description and that's the whole truth. The only thing on my mind that time was "I have to be in that company no matter what". A friend of mine back in college said one  random day that his cousin worked in Accenture Manila blah blah blah he was really praising the company and I said to him I'll give that company a shot but he said " oh that will be hard" those exact words challenged me after that instance I emailed my resume to the company and sadly didn't received any respond from the HR, at the same time I was applying to other companies, a fresh graduate usually does that right?

 I totally forgot about my applications, job hunting and all because I was busy taking good care of my grandmother who at that time was battling with cancer. April 18 2011 my grandmother died and that was the hardest for my family to accept, It took me another 1 month to set aside my job seeking and focused more on the loss of my family. During those grieving moments of my life an I.T. company hired me and asked me to face their manager who was apparently in Makati that time so they want me to fly to Makati and faced him in their head office. I told my friend about it and he encouraged me to take the job but then my parents had second thoughts of sending me to Makati and be away from them so I declined the offer and took a government position instead as an Account Analyst / Short Term Loans fronliner. HDMF (Pag-Ibig Fund) became my haven for 3 months wherein I spent there learning about multi-purpose loans, housing loans and many more about government loans. Then unexpectedly I received a text from Accenture that I am scheduled for a test that morning after so I called up another friend and she said please give it a try I said to her a try? Come on I've been waiting for this I just don't give a try I have to give my best then after the exam the HR called up and said I passed and  that same afternoon got interviewed then after she scheduled me again for the panel interview and you know what happened next right?? Yeeeees I got hired then I filed my resignation letter to HDMF and now I'm celebrating my one year in Accenture :)


I had to stop looking for jobs to look after her and be right next to her till her last breathe.

My grandmother was a very loving person no wonder so many loved her back

MY LIFE AS A PUBLIC SERVANT (June 2011-September 2011)

Reading our birthday messages to our beloved ADM for Operations Engr. Sulpicio Villegas

Spot the youngest?? HAHAHAHA ME! To be in a government position needs connections and that's mainly the reason I got in.

ACCENTURE LIFE ( September 2011 - Present)

After spending my 3 months being the youngest in the group I am back with people the same my age and that is one of the many reasons why I love Accenture. I can laugh, play and work at the same time :)

December 16,2011 Accenture PCS 2011 Christmas Party @ Parklane Int'l hotel

 April 28, 2012 Accenture PCS 2012 Summer Party @ Maribago Bluewater resort
photo by Kaye Patrick Pableo

JULY 5,2012 - My birthday with my teammates and team leader Yul

ACCENTURE PCS YEAR END PARTY August 25, 2012 @ Parklane Int'l Hotel

Till my next year guys
Have a good weekend

Tuesday, September 11, 2012


September 8 - The birthday of Mama Mary and my good friend Gera. After attending mass with my family I meet with my friends at Crown Regency Hotel ate dinner at Mcdonald's situated just beside our hotel then went back to our hotel room so our birthday girl Gera can sleep. She is working as a call center agent so 24 hours straight her eyes were opened so as true friends of hers we opted to chill first at our room and talk girl stuffs.

Double Cheese Burger + Twister Fries = HAPPINESS

Our sleeping Birthday Girl

 I went near a lamp shade and took a photo of me. I love the reflection on the board of the bed,
I love how the lights coordinate with me in this photo too.
Bebz with her cute baby Breeee :)
  Good thing I brought along my magazine so it can entertain me if ever I get bored. My fave blogger Camille Co on the cover
with Abigail
It was raining that night as you can even see from the window the teardrops signs but that didn't stop us from partying the night away.

saw a lot of college friends at Alchology too bad Enrique Gil wasn't there to party.
Had a great Party
About 4:30 am we went back to the hotel. I made sure my girl friends were okay CHAR!
Sunday morning off to have breakfast at Sinangag Station just near Crown Hotel.
Went home afterwards then slept for almost 12 hours. wheeeeeeew!!
A weekend of Happiness it was.
My girl friends that weekend

Crown Regency Hotel - Tower 1 Fuente Towers Osmena Blvd. Cebu City
McDonald's - Osmena Blvd. Cebu City
Alchology Bar - Mango Cebu City
Sinangag Station - Osmena Blvd. Cebu City

I hope you too had a blast last weekend :)

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

TWISTER FRIES..EXTENDED till September 16!! Yehey =)


Every After office when it's time to go home and rest I usually buy something to eat and FRIES is always in my options for midnight snacks. It's so convenient to buy Twister fries for me since there's a McDonald's branch in IT Park wherein my office is located. Just so happy to share to you guys my huge love for their Twister Fries :))

Sunday, September 2, 2012


Yesterday, September 1 was Abigail's birthday. She invited us over to her home and celebrate. It was raining cats and dogs then I was waiting for it to stop since I had to commute from home because no one can send me over to her place unluckily the rain didn't stop from pouring. I was already having second thoughts of coming over to her house but my friend Dee texted me that she's on her way to Aby's place and so I decided to go even it was raining so hard. After celebrating Aby's birthday I headed to I.T Park to meet my cousins and have dinner at the newly opened CHICKEN CHARLIE then ended our night in CHA TIME. 

Instagram photos of our dinner with my cousins.

With my cousins Kuh, Ate Kaye and Ate Ohni.. After eating at Chicken Charlie we ordered chicken pops at Cha Time and we joked that we will be buying anti histamines after since the 4 of us are allergic to chicken. hahahaha :)
With my cousin Kuh I ordered CHOCOLATE MOUSSE 50% sugar 100% ice


I don't understand our faces here. HAHAHAHAHAHA 


We ordered 6 pcs wings and fish rolls we ordered 1 drink since we will drown ourselves with
milk teas, mousse drinks and smoothies at CHA TIME.

Hope you had a good weekend.
Spend it with people that can make you laugh.
The happiest girls are the PRETTIEST :)