Saturday, June 1, 2013


A former manager asked me the definition of success and I started my answer with "For me success is blah blah blah" from there I learned that success don't have a concrete definition. Every person sees success in other ways and perspectives. There are people who for them to have a job title is a success while some to be a family person is a success, having luxurious things for some is a success while others to have a complete and happy family is enough. 

Success for me is when you can't ask for more in life when you find contentment in where you are and what you do and be able to share it with people you love. 

What's success for you?

All photos were from an Accenture International Women's Day event 3 months ago. Too bad I don't have any recent photos and I miss my camera so much! 
I'll find time to shoot again :)