Thursday, May 16, 2013


Jean, Bebz, Jude and Wawis with Keira

When I was in college there was no day I spent my time alone. You will always see me with my bunch of friends in the library but not studying just simply staying there and chatting or copying assignments or at the canteen eating always eating!! hehe..
 After college we rarely have time to meet up and catch things up with each other to make things worst there are some of my friends who I lost contact with and some chose to work in Makati.

Jude will be leaving for Makati this weekend, our only boy in the group is bidding goodbye. Awwwe!
I will just look for any promo tickets so I can visit Jude and Junie in Makati. hehehe :)

To Junie and Jude Good luck in Makati I am looking forward to have a reunion there watchuthink?? Para maiba naman let's have our Christmas party there? HAHAHAHA...

Have you heard Taylor's Everything has changed in collaboration with Ed Sheeran? Listen to the youtube video below. 
I love this song :)

Wednesday, May 15, 2013


Exactly 2 years ago, May 15, 2011
blue jacket with my white top paired with my short shorts and teary eyes as I said my last goodbye.
He was my once upon a time yet not my happily ever after.
I'll be turning 23 in less than 2 months and its time to leave it all behind.

Sunday, May 12, 2013



My friends wanted so badly to have a summer outing with the whole college gang, so places were mentioned like how about Bantayan? Sumilon? Camotes? Just a week before the target date some of us attended the baptism of Rafi, daughter of my friend Wawis. In that gathering we decided to go to Oslob instead and erase Camotes plan. Just a day before the date we had to cancel Oslob for some reasons and push through with the original Camotes plan. Sadly, due to family matters like (the yaya of my friend's baby will have a day off on those days so she has to take care of Bree). I am so proud of my mother friends they take care and love their babies so much that they gave up everything for them even their personal happiness, this brought me to conclusion that next time our gathering should be also baby-friendly since many of my friends have babies. Back to the story not everyone was able to go to Camotes but still it was one fun-filled memorable summer experience. When we went to Camotes we didn't have any itinerary nor a place to stay but we have hope that there's still a room for us. 

Friday, 10 p.m. May 10, 2013

We decided to meet up the night before at Abhie's place so we can go all together to Danao, where the jomalia shipping lines is, We woke-up at 3 a.m. and started our journey at 4 a.m.

Saturday, May 11, 2013

When we reached Danao Port at around 6:15 a.m, Tada!! the line was so long for the 8:30 a.m. Jomalia  Shipping Lines. Could you believe that as we were almost served the ticketing officer announced 8:30 a.m. flight NOW FULLY BOOKED that was around 6:45 a.m. The next Consuelo trip for Jomalia is 10 a.m. and we asked another vessel that goes to Camotes Super Shuttle Ferry for their trip and they answered that they have a vessel at 9 a.m. but not to Consuelo but to Poro, clueless where Poro is and just thinking of going to Camotes right away we said "Miss 6 tickets to Poro Camotes please at 9:00 a.m. and as we checked the time it was still 6:55 a.m., We embraced our misfortune and opted to explore Danao while waiting for 3 hours for our trip. Across the port is Danao's church and if you're hungry just go to Jollibee Danao, for us we waited at the park near the church.

Danao Church

Finally at 9:00 a.m. our vessel to Porto Camotes

the vessel was smaller and more expensive than the Jomalia vessels, it took us 2 hours and more to reach to Poro. It was a blessing for us to go to Poro in that misfortune we were able to tour Camotes more than the other tourists who went ahead to Consuelo then Mangodlong or Santiago.

Since we didn't have any reservations and Santiago de Bay resorts, Mangodlong paradise were fully booked we opted to stay in San Francisco near their Baywalk and rented an inexpensive room at P800 a night for 4 persons and additional 100 for extra person and hired a multicab that will pick us up at Poro Port, tour us around Camotes at P2000 only...NOT BAD!!!!

After having lunch we went to Timubo Cave and explored the whole area.

After caving we went to Esperanza and Bakhaw

We really had fun doing jumpshots and playing with the fine sand

Next spot is Lake Danao

Psy Gentleman pose daw??? hehehe..
After Lake Danao we went to Santiago de Bay and had a night swimming at Santiago de Bay resort's infinity pool and enjoyed watching the lightnings...

We went home via Jomalia Shipping Lines at 5:30 a.m. and we were running under the rain..


(shot in a lower shutter speed)

P.S. - if you are planning to go to Camotes and wants to ask for suggestions on accomodation and transportation let me know I'll be happy to help :)

I recommend our tourist guide/driver he really knows about Camotes and takes you there without time limit and he even let us swim free in Santiago de Bay resort he is not available during weekdays since he works in a bank but he can refer you to friends who does it full time. Let me know I'll give you his contact number. 

Saturday, May 4, 2013


 Have you ever waited for something to come but it didn't happen? So frustrating right? I've been waiting for someone who left but now I'm tired of waiting. It disappoints me and just cause sadness and finally I'm 100% sure he isn't coming back once more. It didn't take one night for me to accept that he is not coming back but instead I was hoping everyday for 2 years now for his return. My friend June told me she is scared whenever I fall for someone because she knows I don't fall easily but I can fall so hard. get what she means? Another friend, Aby told me I am the kind of person who falls in love not so easily but also the kind of person who recovers not so easily over fail love stories. The reason is that I don't get connected with anybody, I don't like to chat constantly with anybody, I don't like to text with anybody but I can do all those with ONE person. That's why when the love story comes to an end I get hurt because I get too attached. I envy those girls who could entertain all boys, flirt with any boys, girls that easily recover from any heartbreaks because that don't work for me because when I love I only love one. I get easily hurt and that hurt takes a lot of time to heal. I wish that I don't care at all so that I don't end up in pain, but after all the waiting in vain and for nothing, I voluntarily quit!!! And now that's the reason behind I hang out with girls so to avoid any instances of falling in love with anyone, when your with your girlfriends you tend to talk more about clothes, make-ups, celebrities and shoes!! I also love to listen to classic songs their quality of music is really different and to EAT. 

This post is mainly on diverting yourself in interests. 

 I also tend to splurge on restaurants and eat anything from their best sellers
 My favorite Big and Tasty from MCDO nom nom!!! - Had it delivered in the house because I was really craving for it!

 Nachos!! from our team building with my teammates in Accenture
 I love to sing my lungs out whenever I wanted to. It somehow makes me feel good inside. And lastly I prefer to spend time with my family. I know that they will never ever leave me no matter what!