Saturday, September 20, 2014


Woah! Let me welcome myself in blogging again! It's really been awhile. I read somewhere that it's hard to spot change everyday but when you look back everything is not the same, everything is different, there are things you might want to do the other way. But of course NO REGRETS to the choices you've made! I keep on asking God what is really my purpose? How can I do things differently? until now I'm at my own quest for searching my relevance in this world. There are desires of mine that I find it so hard to reach no matter how hard I try and as a human it's normal for me to cry out to the Lord. All of us have battles in our lives that we are silently fighting, hoping that someday we can overcome it. All what is happening to me is what God's plan for me. He is the engineer of my life, so I lift it all to him. "For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways" declares the Lord "As the heavens are higher than the earth, so are my ways higher than your ways and my thoughts than your thoughts." Isaiah 55:8-9. 

No matter how many crosses we carry there is always a reason to be grateful. Nowadays finding a decent job is hard and here I am celebrating my 3 years in my job.
I celebrated my 3rd year "employment" anniversary last week. I got hired by Accenture last September 19, 2011. This is not my first job but this is where I found genuine happiness. Happiness in working with people that are understanding, caring and kind. 

Accenture hired employees by batch, so in my case we were 11 when hired and yes we are still alive and kicking in the company except for Alvin who is now in Australia. Before our anniversary celebration typhoon Mario hit Cebu and paralyzed the workers in coming to the office on time due to heavy flood in the city. Jake was trapped in his place and was absent during this year's celebration. 

We celebrated it at Duz grill (click the link for their website) at 33A Fourth Street, San Antonio Village, Apas, Lahug, 6000 Cebu City.

The food was great and the personnels were very accommodating. 
Food photos grabbed from Cha Lato. We enjoyed our lunch as batch mates.  Let me show you our throwback celebrations over the years :)



I just didn't celebrate my anniversary in 1 day but I spent the whole week last week celebrating it with the people I love and treasure. 

I really love to spend time with these guys. My respect and love for them are high as the highest mountains. They are very transparent and real. I really find sincerity in them. Thank you for coming along and saying yes to me when I said I was craving for La Marea's salted caramel brownie cup. Sorry gays for the craving blame it on the hormones! hahaha...

That night after I spent it with my high school best friends, Mel and Iyes. We are 4 in the group but Des is still in Australia and very focus in her studies I supposed. Can't hide it but I am waiting for December to arrive for Des to be back home for Christmas. :)

We ate at Brique (click the link for the website). A place good for dates. 
Lucky us! We didn't have any reservations made that day but we were accommodated right away.
After having dinner we decided to look for somewhere to talk so I brought them to Fujinoya.

Since I said my goodbye to coffees last July, my recent obsessions are teas and fruit juices (not powder).

Last Friday I wrapped up the week with my officemates over a not-so-pricey dinner. But it was so full of laughs, jokes and chitchats. Chowabunnga offers yummy food at a very affordable price, when I say affordable it means that my dinner was only for 100 pesos and it was already a Katsudon.

So to end this post, Let me raise my pink moscato champagne and CHEERS TO 3 YEARS and MORE in Life and Love. 

(Thanks Mike Lora for this drink)