Friday, November 30, 2012

In the eyes of a child

There is something about children that I find very interesting in taking photos and that's the innocence in their eyes that reflects in every shot. Their genuine smile that captivates every piece of me, They know little about the world but they are the happiest creature in this planet. As we age responsibilities increases, Expectations widen, Ambitions in life leads us to forget the people we love but then growing up is inevitable and there's nothing nor no one can stop that event to happen so while there's time don't rush to grow up enjoy life and its benefits.

So in related to the title of this entry, If you noticed last week my facebook was filled with photos of this little girl. 

Her full name is Araceli Maxine, daughter of a good friend Chillai. She has a very expressive eyes and yes she is cute :)

The photos below are the evidences of what I meant about 'expressive innocent eyes"

All these photos are candid since Maxine don't know what "SMILE" means or the word "SAY CHEESE" but mind you whenever a thing that clicks and snaps right through her face she knows that means picture time.

Below are my 2 favorite photos of Maxine. I love the facial expression that she unknowingly gave me.

the reason why I love portrait photography is that I want to witness a true emotion and at the same time freeze that moment and make it last a lifetime.

I also made a video of her, you can see it on my previous post :)

Monday, November 26, 2012

Maxine's Photo Compilation

I haven't tried creating slideshow using IMOVIE or even Movie Maker, so last Sunday November 25,2012 out of boredom and eagerness to learn the Apple software, I forced myself to watch several Youtube tutorials on basic slideshow on IMOVIE and voila my first ever slideshow. HAHAHAHA

Maxine is Chillai's daughter and I really find her very cute and charming but this baby girl seems to be very active/hyper  and can really exhaust you believe me she is no ordinary one year old girl. HAHAHA =))

Here are photos of my 1st ever IMOVIE project and the 3 simple steps of making a slideshow

This is how iMOVIE looks like 

Step 1 - Create a Project and choose a theme - Go to file then NEW PROJECT then for this slideshow I chose PHOTO ALBUM theme. 

Step 2 - Grab photos from Iphoto or from your folder. 

Step 3. Put a Background music - This is very crucial in every slideshow who would love to watch a slideshow without a music on the background? I don't think someone will adore that concept. Since my slideshow is about a baby girl whose innocence is not questioned and her love mostly evolves around her parents and the closest to her heart I picked up Taylor Swift's "NEVER GROW UP". When you choose a background music be sure that it will suit with the slideshow. Oh I forgot you can either way choose your background music from your itunes or voiceover from any youtube video just make sure that it's not too noisy as it can destroy the whole process.

Navigate this Apple software it will really amaze you =)

(if the video in any case don't work)

Saturday, November 24, 2012


My favorite part of every wedding ceremony

I love weddings, You can witness a lot of emotions from the groom, bride, their parents to their guests. As I attend Lora's wedding I can tell she was indeed the prettiest of all that day. Lora is my office mate in Accenture and a friend. It was a simple wedding ceremony filled with family and friends. What I also love about wedding is that you take time of preparing everything that sometimes can lead to enjoyment or stress HAHAHA =)
I love how the bride wakes up early and makes sure to be the prettiest on her big day and Lora was able to achieve that

Lora's hairstyle that I really love

They say that when a girl gets married their father usually or should I say normally the saddest person during the ceremony and yes I felt that in this photo damn I cried  just looking at Lora's father. I can tell he is ready to give Lora to other man but the feeling of giving her daughter depresses him. Lora in return almost in tears paying his father respect 
( mano po papa  )

Another emotion captured
A mother letting go of her daughter



Milk first?

I love gifts

L for Lora and not for "LOSER" HAHAHA

Thanks Lora for making us part of your big day the invite was an adventure.

Thursday, November 15, 2012


Her name is ChikeeDu my very simple officemate, Very pretty and humble

No make-up
not edited just plain great photo :)

How I achieved that? How I deal with lighting? What aperture I used?
Here are other photos from Genesis Valley 

The truth is I don't edit much. I don't even have an Adobe Lightroom where I can edit. I only used Iphoto but then it's not that good compared to Lightroom so I have to capture great photos on my camera (very very important)

but soon my friend will download Lightroom4 for me. HAHAHA

Anyhow When we had our team building last Saturday I asked my friends to pose for me and they did as usual but this time I used a reflector yes you heard it right REFLECTOR to bounce the light and to distribute the light to give an impact of emotions :)

I bought the reflector at Iclick located at IT Park Cebu for P950 pesos and it did deliver what I expected.. 


Camera - Canon 600D
50 mm
Aperture - 1.8

For group photos I usually play an aperture of 2.0-4.0 that depends on me and my subject  :)

Notice how the reflector made my friends' hair looks so shiny. Pantene where are you?? I think you can have these 3 as models 
( hehehe )

Woah! The reflector made this even more perfect

A very nice view/background is a big plus also in capturing great portrait shots
Look how beautiful our background is :)

Another factor is a 

Every photo has a story behind it and as an ending of this post I want to share to you what happened behind this photo. While goofing and playing as models kunuhay for Patty I squat on the grass when I stood up boooom I sat on something I consider an unexplainable dirt! Clumsy as always I ended up covering my shorts with sarong went to the comfort room and washed it with the help of Maricar hehehe.

So to summerize everything to achieve great portrait photos for beginners deal with lights, back ground,focus points and be sure to capture that 

If you want stunning and flattering photos then I recommend using a reflector

Wednesday, November 14, 2012


This was taken 3 weeks ago. I told my friend Jean to bring her daughter and have some mother and daughter shots and she was willing to do it. She was my classmate before in University of San Carlos. Jean is a one of a kind mother and daughter at the same time. She gave-up everything including her studies when Keira arrived in her life and now she's back in pursuing her dreams through studying again this time not Accounting but a different course in Cebu Doctor's University.

Cheers to Jean! :)

Camera Used : Canon 600D with 50 mm f/1.8
Location : Crown Regency Hotel

Saturday, November 10, 2012


                                                                   Photo by Patty

Pheeeeeew!! How should I start yesterday's activity? My mom woke me up and told me "Yan it's almost 6:00 a.m." still half asleep I hurriedly checked my cellphone and was shocked to see a lot of messages still to be read. The jeepney drivers that I contacted where already in I.T. Park waiting for us. I was in a hurry to go to my friend's house in Tabunok that I forgot to eat breakfast. When we arrived at I.T. Park I was so dismayed to see only a quarter of a whole of my teammates. I found out that there was a miscommunication that occurred that day before with the set time to meet up. 

It's my first time to go to Genesis Valley and yes we almost got lost but recovered after doing a U-turn on the next block. Damn that place was quite a struggle to find. I think Shemberg should advertise more about the place and put signages so that their visitors will not find it hard to look for the place. 

Genesis Valley is indeed calming and it reminds me of Family Park HAHAHAHA....
The place is ideal for team buildings, family get together and photoshoots...


Genesis Valley has a spacious grounds where you can play and have some activities :)

Yesterday's champion 
Purple Team..

Some of our Activity in Genesis Valley
Jonah girl demonstrating the mechanics of the game

 Yul and Salie girl
Hop more Budoy!!!
They have tents too if you want to sleep overnight. It's 250 per person though.. a little pricey but if you are a nature lover then go for it!