Friday, March 21, 2014

ACN - IWD Photoshoot

Accenture celebrates International Women's Day





one of a kind

These photos were taken at our office.

Thank you to all my friends who helped me and assisted me in this shoot. 

Happy Women's Month :)

Saturday, March 8, 2014


You might be thinking I'm in Hokkaido, Japan right? hahaha.. that's an ad in Bukit Bingtang, Kuala Lumpur but just so timely Japan is really one of my many dream vacation destination.
I went to Kuala Lumpur with my Highschool girlfriends last February and it was filled with a lot of adventure. It was an unplanned vacation, Desiree was booking her flight back to Australia and saw that AirAsia was on sale and offered direct flights to Cebu-Kuala Lumpur before you have to go to Manila to be able to reach Kuala Lumpur or opt for a coach from Singapore. The seats were on sale and without any hesitations Des booked for all of us. I cannot forget the last call from the airport personnel for us and we ended up laughing and running towards the plane with our super heavy luggages. The girl on the check-in counter forgot to give us immigration papers to fill up so when we reached the immigration officer and asked for the paper, we said we were not given one so we called the girl who attended us and hurriedly filled up the immigration paper.
 We even witnessed a shoot for a commercial and made a conclusion that it's really not easy to be a part of a shoot. We were standing there for half an hour and they repeated a specific scene for almost an hour. gooooosh!!
I enjoyed my weekend in Kuala Lumpur and as a photographer it's always a must to take photos when you go home and I must say technology with smartphones now is advance compared before. My latest phone can be as great as my Canon Dslr in some ways and of course with a help of an app. 
(photos below taken with Iphone 5s edited through VSCO cam app)
 Let me share to you our funny adventure going to the Petronas towers, We thought it was just 2 blocks away from the place we stayed since we can see the building where we stood, so we walked and walked and noticed we already walked for almost an hour hahaha.. We were tired and exhausted when we reached the buidling and to our dismay we were not allowed to have a photo to the stage so we ended up just sitting on the fountain side. That's why I don't have a photo of it on my dslr, I tried but I guess my 17mm - 50mm f/2.8 lens wasn't good enough maybe if the stage wasn't closed that time it would be possible. Well Iphone photo is not bad at all right?? 
 Berjaya Times Square - the tallest and biggest mall I ever strolled so far :)
 Our main transportation to Genting Highlands 
 Batu Caves
 His name is Noman, a Bangladeshi in Malaysia, my friend interviewed him about his life while he was cooking our dinner and I was moved by him. He works in Malaysia to send money to Bangladesh and I remember all the OFW who work abroad to send money to the Philippines and mind you it's not easy. Noman  is a polite and dedicated man. I felt bad for not eating much the food he cooked but kimchi was not my thing that night.
 When you travel make sure to eat at local cafes and try their food. You will be amazed :)
Cannot wait for another travel
This reminds me that I need a travel buddy who loves to travel and is not lazy booking flights. Last week my officemates were booking flights and I was looking for a companion to go to local tourist spots and found no one so I said to myself if I'll be having someone in my life  he should be willing to travel and be like Dora. Anyways just a thought! hehehe