Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Aloguinsan, Cebu

Aloguinsan's famous Bojo River

My officemates invited me to explore Aloguinsan a municipality located southwest of Cebu. I hurriedly said YES to them thinking "this is gonna be FUN" .. I was not wrong as a matter of fact after that mini vacation I invited my family to spend a weekend there and also recommend it to my other friends.  Going there by bus is not hard and not expensive, You will spend around 80 pesos (as March 2012) by bus to Aloguinsan from the South Bus Terminal. It took us 2 hours and 30 minutes to reach the place. Accomodations are easy and no hassle, I recommend Al maxi Apartelle, I tried there twice first with my officemates and second with my family. The rates are affordable and the caretaker is so accomodating. The caretaker's name is Aping just text her and set a date.  09104299687 - Al Maxi Apartelle

As of March 2012 the rates went up to 1400 per unit. 4 persons and additional of 400 per excess. 
Here are the pictures inside the unit in AL MAXI

2 Bedroom

bedroom.. There are 2 bedrooms with aircon :)
My officemate Poyetch in the sala


Now let me ask you not bad for P1400 right????

      * BALUARTE

Baluarte- spanish for watch tower, Spaniards stationed in Aloguinsan to watch over from Pirates :)
now this place is transformed into a very beautiful park. You should pay an entrance fee of P10 (not expensive right)

Entrance of Baluarte. Oooops! I almost lose control...gravity!!! HAHAHA

You can chill here and let the sea relax you :)


indeed this beach resort is way to freaky and so far from the main street. This beach resort gave me thrills well they said that there are "aswang" in the place but luckily we are still alive! hahahaha.. We were just fooling ourselves that time :P
Untouched by modernization. White sand beach :)
Poyetch (my officemate)


Bojo means holes
It's like you are in Palawan
Affordable river cruise P300 each 3 hours cruise plus swimming
Please check the tide..Dont go there if it's low tide!!!

Let the pictures explain how beautiful the place is


photos from Florisa Villarin and Ron Maylon


Monday, July 30, 2012

WIN Php100,000 and 100,000 Mabuhay Miles from PNB and Allied Bank’s My Perfect Ten Buy’

Mabuhay Miles MasterCard is giving away hundreds of thousand pesos and hundreds of thousand Mabuhay Miles! What a way to kick off Mabuhay Miles’ 10th anniversary.

With the My Perfect 10 Buy promo, one can win as much as Php100,000 and 100,000 Mabuhay Miles. It’s very simple, just share with us on video a very meaningful purchase and let us know why it’s so significant.

To join the contest, simply follow these instructions:
1) Go to and ‘like‘ the Mabuhay Miles MasterCard Facebook page
2) Launch the “My Perfect 10 Buy” application tab;
3) Fill in the registration form;
4) Read the mechanics; and
5) Submit a 30-second to two-minute video sharing your most valuable purchase through Mabuhay Miles MasterCard.

Make sure to invite your friend to view your video entry and rate it. The more video entries you submit, the more chances of winning. Just remember to feature different purchases and products in every video.

Ten (10) winners will be picked from all the entries. The top three (3) winning entries will receive the amount of the purchased item or P100,000 (whichever is lower) plus 100,000 Mabuhay Miles. The fourth to sixth winning entries shall receive the amount of the purchased item or P50,000 (whichever is lower) plus 50,000 Mabuhay Miles. The seventh to ninth winning entries shall receive the amount of the purchased item or P30,000 (whichever is lower) plus 30,000 Mabuhay Miles. The tenth winning entry shall receive the amount of the purchased item or P10,000 (whichever is lower) plus 10,000 Mabuhay Miles. All prizes shall be credited to the winner’s Allied Bank/PNB Mabuhay Miles MasterCard. Miles are non-transferable and not convertible to cash.

For more information on promo guidelines, visit the Mabuhay Miles MasterCard Facebook page (www.facebook.com/m3card). This nationwide promo is open to all Mabuhay Miles MasterCard cardholders and will run until August 15, 2012 only.

Friday, July 27, 2012


Its been centuries since my last blog, well I'm just metaphorically speaking though, It's been 18 months to be exact. I've been reading blogs there and there and that made me come up with blogging again. I left tumblr for good and back here in blogger. 

I've been so blessed this month first my first blog entry for Accenture's BP2B was considered one of the top 10 blogs, there were around 60+ entries and to be included as one of the top bloggers for Quarter 4 made me happy. Though I was not the best blogger for Quarter 4  but to be part of it was enough for first timers like me. second was my birthday celebration I shared with my friend Leslie third I watched Nikki Minaj's concert in Manila with Normel Go Tan :)

JULY 5, 2012

I turned 22 last July 5. Its been a good year for me in return I celebrated my birthday with the people who made me laugh harder and smile brighter.. Leslie and I combined the celebration since her birthday was not far away from mine, her birthday falls every July 4. It was just a simple celebration that took place in our office pantry. (all photos stolen from Poyetch) hihihihi..

my good friend and neighbor Leslie Zafra

Ms Ven's (our manager) Gift :) 
with ellen and leslie don't you just love our view at the back?? 

My fellow travellers in Accenture
with our team leader Yul :)
Laughing with Leslie Girl :)

I love the jacket..That's a customize jacket with Team Yul written at the back 

one line please


Team Pembroke :)

JULY 10-12 2012

Flew to Manila with Normel and watched Nikki Minaj's Pink Friday concert. That trip was full of adventure.
I've been to Manila many times but that was the very first time I was not accompanied by my parents or teachers. 

Nikki Minaj's concert was not just about grooving and rapping but there are souvenirs sold around but too bad it was so expensive. It costs around P1000 each shirt.

Nikki Minaj - lucky to be near the stage 

Half of SM Arena..Imagine how big the venue was :0

with Normel Go Tan

Wearing the free id slings from GLOBE

@ Starbucks SM MOA before the concert