Monday, June 7, 2010


Anger the word that I hate so much but lets face it nobody wants to be angry but it's inevitable. All of us gets angry no matter we like it or not. Its how we handle it. well in my case im easily irritated and sometimes I lose control of me feelings. How am I going to hande this?? just yesterday I was so angry at our enrollment it was so chaotic that I almost cry but my tears are just there in my eyes because I was trying to be strong. I have some tips on controlling anger oh its personal suggestion I didn't have any references on this so meaning this might not work with you.

1.) SPA--- woootwooot!!! a massage is the best to release stress and anger too especially using lavender..

2.) watch DVD- love story i insist or shrek!! hahaha

3.) eat but gluttony is different- eat and eat but not too much and remember to burn the calories after.

4.) DANCE-- this is what I usually do in my room! :)

5.) TALK your problem with your best friend-- I usually do this trust me this helps :)

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