Thursday, May 16, 2013


Jean, Bebz, Jude and Wawis with Keira

When I was in college there was no day I spent my time alone. You will always see me with my bunch of friends in the library but not studying just simply staying there and chatting or copying assignments or at the canteen eating always eating!! hehe..
 After college we rarely have time to meet up and catch things up with each other to make things worst there are some of my friends who I lost contact with and some chose to work in Makati.

Jude will be leaving for Makati this weekend, our only boy in the group is bidding goodbye. Awwwe!
I will just look for any promo tickets so I can visit Jude and Junie in Makati. hehehe :)

To Junie and Jude Good luck in Makati I am looking forward to have a reunion there watchuthink?? Para maiba naman let's have our Christmas party there? HAHAHAHA...

Have you heard Taylor's Everything has changed in collaboration with Ed Sheeran? Listen to the youtube video below. 
I love this song :)

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