Sunday, February 10, 2013

Adobe Photoshop CS6

Last Saturday my friends went to Lilo-an Cebu for a shoot. To edit or in photography's term "post process" is part of every photographer's daily routine every after shoot. I used to edit using Lightroom 4 but then I let my friend installed CS6 to the laptop so now I'm having a hard time editing since I don't know how to use the CS6. I spent my Saturday night and whole Sunday watching tutorials on Youtube, even as I blog right now a youtube tab is playing another tutorial. Damn this is hard and its really testing my patience.

The reason why I was looking for another editor is that I don't appreciate how Lightroom 4 removes blemishes. Unlike CS6 that it is so easy.. but then there are just so many buttons, not so friendly applications in CS6 that I still have to learn via youtube tutorials. So far so good but so tiring hehe =)

BTS of the shoot.

Story behind the shoot, I named it "Wish for Autumn" hehehe..

I love autumn but then I live in a 2 season country so I could only wish for it. That's why I named that shoot that way =)

Mary Janeene is sister of my good friend Angie, she works in a bank and runs an online accessories shop. Good thing she said yes to be our model. The whole experience was an adventure and a great escapade.

Photos of the shoot

Thanks Gie for being the official HMUA for this shoot and making me laugh so hard (ikaw na Gie)
Style Avenue for the oufit and the accessories
Poyetch for supporting the whole activity (well she was just facebooking the whole time HAHAHA)
Patty for installing the CS6 for me and helping me every time I encounter problems with photography to I.T. churva! hehe =)

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