Friday, August 31, 2012



  Accenture Inc. sealed off fiscal year 12 with a party. I was 2  hours  late and wasn't able to register as a result I wasn't able to join the raffle wherein my friend Cha and Jack won Apple shuffle and Home Theater..The event was themed CASINO ROYALE. The same theme with my graduation ball held also at Parklane International hotel last year funny right? The same theme party the same venue? but not the same outfit for me yet I wore something close to what I wore last year. Hmpf!

Last year's Graduation Ball "Casino Royale", March 12, 2011 at Parklane International Hotel. Look closely at our background you will see our organization USC JPIA :)

  Accenture Year End Party, August 25,2012

  My friends and I goofed around the hotel and took pictures. We       weren't able to witness the whole program but who cares? We had fun taking pictures.

Can you guess what I love about this picture? My legs! Looks      long like a supermodel woooot woooot :)
now I know how to capture myself long legged in pictures just stretch it side wards against your body

 I really wanted to have a picture inside the elevator, My   friends namely Maricar, Cha and Jake thought of it as a crazy idea but then I insisted. I pushed the elevator button and held my hands on it for it to stopped and BOOOOOOOOOOOOM!!! Here's a product of " I really want one" attitude.


Now this picture is crazy!!! I really wanted Jake to take a picture of me behind the plants and voila!! 
 everytime I see this picture it reminded me of myself wrapping my whole body with these palm leaves!! CRAZY ME :)


As A souvenir from the party my friends and I never failed to had our photos taken by BIGCHIZ PHOTOGRAPGHY

I really had fun that night even though for a short while. I went home right away after the raffle and again I arrived almost 9pm and the party started at 6:30.  

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