Friday, November 30, 2012

In the eyes of a child

There is something about children that I find very interesting in taking photos and that's the innocence in their eyes that reflects in every shot. Their genuine smile that captivates every piece of me, They know little about the world but they are the happiest creature in this planet. As we age responsibilities increases, Expectations widen, Ambitions in life leads us to forget the people we love but then growing up is inevitable and there's nothing nor no one can stop that event to happen so while there's time don't rush to grow up enjoy life and its benefits.

So in related to the title of this entry, If you noticed last week my facebook was filled with photos of this little girl. 

Her full name is Araceli Maxine, daughter of a good friend Chillai. She has a very expressive eyes and yes she is cute :)

The photos below are the evidences of what I meant about 'expressive innocent eyes"

All these photos are candid since Maxine don't know what "SMILE" means or the word "SAY CHEESE" but mind you whenever a thing that clicks and snaps right through her face she knows that means picture time.

Below are my 2 favorite photos of Maxine. I love the facial expression that she unknowingly gave me.

the reason why I love portrait photography is that I want to witness a true emotion and at the same time freeze that moment and make it last a lifetime.

I also made a video of her, you can see it on my previous post :)

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