Sunday, September 2, 2012


Yesterday, September 1 was Abigail's birthday. She invited us over to her home and celebrate. It was raining cats and dogs then I was waiting for it to stop since I had to commute from home because no one can send me over to her place unluckily the rain didn't stop from pouring. I was already having second thoughts of coming over to her house but my friend Dee texted me that she's on her way to Aby's place and so I decided to go even it was raining so hard. After celebrating Aby's birthday I headed to I.T Park to meet my cousins and have dinner at the newly opened CHICKEN CHARLIE then ended our night in CHA TIME. 

Instagram photos of our dinner with my cousins.

With my cousins Kuh, Ate Kaye and Ate Ohni.. After eating at Chicken Charlie we ordered chicken pops at Cha Time and we joked that we will be buying anti histamines after since the 4 of us are allergic to chicken. hahahaha :)
With my cousin Kuh I ordered CHOCOLATE MOUSSE 50% sugar 100% ice


I don't understand our faces here. HAHAHAHAHAHA 


We ordered 6 pcs wings and fish rolls we ordered 1 drink since we will drown ourselves with
milk teas, mousse drinks and smoothies at CHA TIME.

Hope you had a good weekend.
Spend it with people that can make you laugh.
The happiest girls are the PRETTIEST :)

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