Saturday, July 20, 2013


Did I mention I played volleyball for our team? Naaaah I don't think I mentioned that on my blog. It's something I'm shy to admit HAHAHAHA. The reason behind for not sharing it is that I'm such a booo booo player. I admit I'm afraid of flying balls it freaks me out! The story behind why I joined the volleyball team was that we lacked players HAHAHA.. so it was something like you-gotta-do-it-for-the-team. Before I said yes I told my friends not to expect too much from me and they all laughed and promised to teach me and fair enough I learned a little but not too much. 

So there I dealt my weakness with flying balls and there were times I wished I didn't join for I consider myself as a nuisance to the team but they didn't make me feel that way. Awwwwwe!

Dealing with weaknesses have 2 choices either you face it or walk away.. All I can say is don't walk away from it while not trying its better to be a loser but had given everything than a person who walked away not trying...

It's so sad that there will be no more volleyball time for us now, we are back to our normal life of going home early on Friday nights.. I will miss Salie and Jonah's stints on the court and how they can make the crowd laugh so hard.

These photos were some of our winning game shots we landed on 3rd place not bad enough for us. Kudos to our best players in the team Sheila and Honey who were very impressive all through out the league. :)

 Forgot to mention our boys also bagged 3rd place for men's division
 After winning the game
 Team Canizares 
With my friends who supported the game by cheering for us. Kayo na ang supportive!! hehehe :)

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