Sunday, July 7, 2013


I wanted too badly to have a photo shoot again, my last shoot was 4 months ago. I loved to have it after my birthday but my kuya was brought to the hospital a week before my birthday so I told my friend to forego the reservations but I changed my mind 2 days before the shoot. The problem was I DON'T HAVE A MODEL... Thank God I have a lot of friends who I assume loves me so much that they don't say NO to me. HAHAHA.. At first my friend Geraldine was making sure it was not something serious because she hates cameras in front of her, so I made sure to let her know it's just for fun.

Geraldine was my classmate in college, we used to argue a lot about anything HAHAHA.. When we had our Departmental tests for Accounting and Law subjects we used to study together and sometimes sleep in my room. We always say to ourselves we'll be lawyers someday but I guess that wasn't put into action HAHAHA.

My problem with my model was solved and God was so good he provided me 2 models wohoooo...
Gera was bringing along an officemate and on-the-spot we asked her to be my model too and gamely she agreed. Her name is Mich, she is very outgoing and I feel comfortable working with her. She was very energetic throughout the shoot and here's something you don't know about them they were awaked 24 hours that day.. Not obvious right?? =)

Here are the photos of our first indoor shoot.

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