Sunday, January 12, 2014


This Korean cafe has been circulating all over Cebu City as the cutest place to hang out with friends or lovers. Months ago you have to line up to get inside and the queuing was crazy!! It can take you 2 hours to be seated. That's how crazy it was metaphorically speaking. Whenever my cousins or friends suggests this place I always say "Can we find another place where we can be accommodated  right away? I hate waiting." not until last month my officemate invited me in this place and I said "YES". 

I ordered their best seller and fell in love with place. It feels like being in a house full of post-its. It's like a playhouse and at the same time a photo booth. 

After all it was never too late to explore the place. 

 Glace forgot to properly fit in the wig to her hair.
 Can someone show me the way to New York City? hehehe...
 Cha and Glace showing the Korean peace sign :)

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