Tuesday, June 1, 2010


2010-2011 school year will formally open the week after next. I'm excited in a way that this last school year I will not let any distractions come my way. When I was in my elementary years my grandfather used to tell me "READ READ READ WRITE WRITE WRITE STUDY STUDY" I promise to myself that I will do that. I'm in a bad shape right now. I let all negative energies come my way and it cause me pain and stress. I will start my life now the way God wants it to be. Less talks less back bites..OMG how am I going to achieve that?? People know me as the MS INFORMATION they might realize I'm changing and in that way they think I'm being others. what am I going to do?? anyways I'm turning 20 this July 5 its so near and its the time to think over and preparing for the future to come, After reading 4 novels of Paulo Coelho namely The Alchemist which I've read for 3 times already but never getting bored then Witch of Portobello then Veronika Decides to Die where I realized not all people in the asylum are crazy its just that they are living in their own world and just last night I finished 11 minutes. I am certain that 2 years from now I will look for my soul in other countries. I will not let anybody hurt me because I am strong now. I will not make friends because based on experience they will kill you within but that doesn't mean i will be hostile (that's a different story). DESIREE NADINE CAFE ROSEL that's the name of the girl that I will never forget the rest of my life know why?? because I really felt betrayed after all we shared. She used to be very timid then I taught her how to be herself show her confidence and all but one day out form no where she paralyzed something in me. Well thanks to her because of her I know noy to trust anybody except your family. One year from now I will bid goodbye in this place I will soar high with my wings full of love leaving all the hurts and agony behind.... but still ITS SO NEAR YET SOO FAR


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