Wednesday, August 21, 2013


Last August 17 and 18 we had our Year end party at The Ranch Resort in Toledo City, Cebu. I love how it feels to be connected back to nature. I love the scenery it's so picturesque. They have a pool, a farm and zipline, too bad wasn't able to try their zipline.

The ranch resort is a best place to have photoshoots or pre nuptial shoots. I gotta go back there :)

Thank you Accenture Dot Com for this year end party and next party to watch for is the Accenture PCS Year end Party wohooooo!!!!

They are just strict if its already 12 a.m. you are no longer allowed to stay near the pool or roam around the resort. You have to stay in your respective rooms. Weird right? hehehe.. Only in THE RANCH

 free videokeee for me.. 
 American Bulldog

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