Monday, February 4, 2013

Photo editing secrets

While we were packing up after the Red Valentine shoot in Fort San Pedro, I noticed a little girl maybe 7 or 8 years old holding a Canon 1D series camera. There are also other photographers in the location so as the little girl was in action with her professional camera body whom I highly suspect belongs to her father their eyes drooled with jealousy. Come on! That's like Canon's most expensive camera body and every photographer's dream to own.

If I'm on the little girl's little shoes I don't give a damn how much the camera I'm holding what's on my head is that I love to take a photo and document everything and be artistic on it. When I was young my love for colors and how I gave importance to every little detail on my art project influenced the girl I am today. I prefer to overdo my project so that it can cause attention. 

That explains my style in Photography I prefer to work with natural light, play with the sun and of course colorful location. 

                                                      Photography - rule of thirds

When editing my photos I love it when everything is surreal, something extraordinary and vibrant eye candy colors.  I edit using Lightroom 4 that's all for now my photoshop CS6 is still to be installed hopefully this weekend if my friend will do it for me. 

I play the colors surrounding my subject and usually decrease the saturation level to not destroy the skin tone of my model. I also choose the temperature to use depending on how the sun hits my subject, see that's how important the sun is for me I'm not a fan of external flashes so I depend on the amount of sunlight that hits my model most importantly the face. 

I make sure to use contrast, sharpening, noise reduction and highlight a little. That simple!!

So how to achieve good photos? Don't rely on editing, focus more on getting a perfect photo and enhance it with any editor you have. Again photo editors are enhancers so don't depend too much on them. A bad photo is a bad photo no matter how much editing you do :)

Capture an emotion then apply the photography rules, since I'm a newbie I choose to obey them for now. Sooner or later I might break them HAHAHA..

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