Thursday, February 7, 2013


I want to be the only one and not number one in your life, If I'm number one then there could be number 2, number 3 and so forth. HAHAHAHA nag joke ko =)
Valentine's day is fast approaching and I might be busy with work and not to blog on that day so I make a pre valentine's blog post. This blog is primary for my boy readers I hope this could help you enlighten your heart and your pocket this Valentine's Day.

1.) Boys whether your girl tells you not to buy flowers for her on Valentine's Day because it's just overrated and expensive STILL buy her flowers. Us girls tends to care about your expenses but to receive a bouquet of flowers is every girl's dream on Valentine's Day.

2.)  Don't tell her beforehand your plans on Valentine's day instead SURPRISE her.

3.) Always prepare for traffic on the road so better schedule your leave and spend the rest of the day with her. HAHAHAHA I know this is crazy =)

4.) Restaurants will be reserved and a lot of lovers will date so better have a reservation starting now.

5.) Instead of watching a movie might as well sing your lungs out and act insane

6.) Always have plan B if plan A will not work (watch movie but the line is long, you better have a second plan than to stare on her and act hopeless and helpless)

7.) Don't let her think what to do next PLAN EVERYTHING!!!

8.) Prepare your funny pick-up lines so she will not get bored while eating with you. Remember : A way to a man's heart is through his stomach but to capture a girl's heart is making her laugh.

9.) Oh I forgot don't just give your flowers without your handwritten Love Letter, Girls love sentimental little things, girls will treasure it forever. A flower without a handwritten love letter is NOTHING.

10.) Make her feel special in any way you are comfortable in expressing it.

Valentine's Day is the only day that you are allowed to be romantic in public. Girls love it when you do it infront of their friends HAHAHA (in my personal opinion). Be romantic guys!!

This is not only for boys who are in a relationship this also implies to boys that wants to date a girl but shy to let her know, You better tell her before some other guy will.

For single ladies Valentine's Day will not be a boring day just invite other single friends and have a night out, eat a lot and enjoy that day. =)

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Anonymous said...

Hahahaha... Happy valentines yan^_^ -salie