Saturday, August 3, 2013


Aby and I was looking for a place where we can sit down and at first we thought of Starbucks or Bo's but I was craving for chocolates so the very first that came to my mind was Maitre Chocolatier cafe and boutique. They served chocolates in all forms woaah truly HAPPINESS.

I wanted to try their Spicy Chocolate Drink but was afraid to taste how spicy it is so I sticked to Classic Chocolate Drink.

 Classic Chocolate Drink - P150
 French Toast - P105
 French Toast + Classic Chocolate Drink
 Nutella Panini - P128
Nom Nom Chocolate Drink
 with Aby
Inside the cafe
 If you want to buy imported chocolates they also offer it on their variety of chocolates displayed.
No one can ever go wrong with giving chocolates to girls, Its still the sweetest thing ever :)
An ordinary day to eat and drink chocolate while catching up with a friend.

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