Saturday, August 10, 2013


I used the word awesome because I got good feedbacks on my first ever video. I thought my video will be a disaster and just another plain youtube birthday dedication video but whenever people tell me "Oh I see so much effort on your video" then it means they can tell I put a lot of time, dedication and creativity. I really worked hard on my first video mainly because the person I was dedicating it was a hard-to-please kind of guy, We love to take photos together and when I let to see him my photos before he was honest enough to tell me the areas I have to work on and sometimes his words challenged me to do it better and as time flies by and I got to learn more photography techniques and spent more time learning the craft his words of appreciation on my photos were already cheering me up and inspiring me to shoot more.

I never tried editing a video before, the reasons are first I don't have an editor as great as the videographers are using in creating fabulous videos. second my only editor is Imovie and honestly I am uneducated to use it, at first look on Imovie I was already confused how to run the thing. third I don't have a project to start with.

So I gave video making a try. I searched in Youtube on how to operate the only editor I have, I also experimented the editor and lucky enough it was easy as A-B-C and the process of creating videos was fun and I'm loving every single of it. I worked on my videos for 3 days every after work and just polishing every details.

To summarize everything the things I learn in creating videos are

1.) Gather all videos you need
2.) make sure to capture videos that create memories
3.) videos should show the subject's personality
4.) Pick the right song for the video make a research
5.) Have a master plan, before everything you should already have a vision on what the output will be.

Like photography I consider videography an art that creates lifetime memories in motion

Here's my first youtube video

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