Friday, August 9, 2013


I love surprising my friends on their birthdays. If time and availability permits I wish I could do it to all of them but sadly I am quite busy lately yet I never missed greeting a close friend on their birthday. I make it sure to save it on my phone and write it down on my planner in case my phone will be stolen. I remember when I was in college and had limited financial resources I organized surprises to my girlfriends on their birthday and buy small cakes for them. There was even an instance we asked permission from our teacher to spare a little time on his class so we can throw a little surprise on our friend and he gave us a go signal and even participated on our surprise. 2 years after that surprise a teacher asked us to share to the class something that you will never forget in your life? and my friend shared to the class the surprise we gave her on our birthday and I was happy that she treasured that day. There was another surprise I organized on my friend's birthday that was almost ruined by the rain, It was June and I was out with my another friend looking for a chocolate cake and we didn't bring umbrellas that afternoon and we had a hard time looking for taxis and I ended up crying for the misfortune we encountered but in the end we still surprised my friend with our uniforms super wet.

A friend asked me these questions :

why do I love surprising friends on their birthday?

First because I grew up doing that. When I was in Highschool birthdays were really a big thing. Whenever someone will celebrate her birthday our teacher will always makes sure that there will be a little classroom celebration. I spent my highschool in an all girls school so it was a norm to give letters, balloons, hugs and kisses to the celebrant and when I reached college I had all the luxury of time organizing surprises because my time was not divided by friends and a boyfriend it was all for my friends LUCKY THEM HAHAHA...

Is it my custom to greet my friends at 12 midnight on their birthday?

Yes. Until now my bestfriend with different time zone makes sure to greet me at12 midnight (GMT+8) on my birthday. There was even a time that all my girlfriends will have a game on who can greet first on the celebrant but if it's before 12 a.m. you are disqualified. So girly and immature doings right?? hehehe... You can't blame me I grew up doing that but one thing I will never forget was the time I drunk too much alcohol and wasn't able to greet my friend at 12 midnight and greeted her the next morning and she really reacted so much like I missed her birthday and to think I still greeted her on her birthday but not at 12 midnight so I said sorry and from that time on I never missed any birthday without greeting at 12 midnight.

What do I usually give on birthdays?

I give cakes. Its the sweetest thing ever on a birthday and a little message.

What do I get on surprising my friends?

I don't get anything but I gain friendship and loyalty. A simple greeting will make their day so why not greet? It doesn't cost anything yet it means so much to someone.

Do they surprise you in return on your birthday?

Every birthday I don't expect a surprise because I might be surprised that there's no surprise HAHAHA but yes my friends surprise me and never fails to greet me on my birthday.

Leslie's 23rd birthday. I love her so much that on her day I went out looking for a chocolate cake and a letter for her birthday. She inspires me to love life.

 Salie's 23rd birthday.
I cut 23 papers and handed out to 23 of Salie's close friends and let them wrote down what they like about Salie and Their wish for her. Secretly we asked her friend from Manila to answer questions about what he likes about Salie and it was all fun!!! and our friend also suggested to print the man's face and do a mascot.

And for my 23rd birthday my friends gave me 23 messages and 23 cupcakes.

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