Sunday, September 1, 2013


Every year Accenture PCS celebrates Year End Party. In Accenture one fiscal year starts in September and ends every last day of August. Last year's Year end party here

In that last year's post I mentioned that one photo was my primary photo and this year another Year end photo is up on my facebook and used as my primary photo.

current primary photo on Facebook

The theme for this year's party is neon. I don't want to buy a new dress or a new accessory for this event, so I looked for old stuffs on my closet and grabbed whatever neon accessory mixed them all together and voila i had an outfit for the party.

Every girl needs a LBD (Little Black Dress) that saves her on whatever occasion. 

What I love about this little black dress is that it fits me well and it's a bustier dress if you know what that means.

Got this dress from an officemate who sells online and it was such a good feeling that it suits me perfectly. Before I bought the dress I had a lot of questions like will it fit my bust area? how short is it? what material is used? It's hard when you buy online as you only see them but not really feel the material and all but I was lucky enough for this dress.

This Liz Claiborne bag is a gift from my aunt. It was my first time to use this bag ang the color of the bag matched the theme of the party.

 My over used Nine West heels

I can't seem to choose on what heels to wear that night. I was torn between the two but still I opted on my overused trusted yellow green Nine West heels.

I haven't used these Terra and Agua violet wedges. I need another event for these shoes. Another Accenture event please?? I haven't been out to party and socialize lately I prefer to stay at home and study photography or read photography blogs so my heels are really resting in my room. I usually go out if there are photo shoots and use my over used fit flops and not heels.

Here's a photo of me. I don't have a photo of myself from shoes to hair so I grabbed from my friend's

For the team contest our team had given the best of what they can give and finished as 1st place. NOT BAD.

 I love this photo of Bush and the girls
 After the party we went to The Loft and chilled up with a ladies' drink

Every event there'a always a photo booth and unlucky for me this year I don't have one boooo!!!
but I was able to join my friend's photo booth session 

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