Monday, September 16, 2013


I make sure to catch things up with my family and friends, my cousin invited me last week to chill somewhere but I spent it with friends so I promised to make it up with them the week after so I brought them to Cafe Caw.

Cafe Caw a new dessert shop at SSY Business Center in Lahug. They offer sweets that you will surely love. I fell in love with their red velvet cupcakes though their coffees lacks sugar for me but you can ask for an additional sugar but I still prefer coffees from CBTL or Starbucks hehehe.. I hope they can improve their coffees.

I love their interior it reminds me of candy and my colorful childhood. The music played in the back ground as I remembered are all KPop so I assume the owner is a Korean. 

I want to grab all their red velvet cupcakes and bring them home. I got addicted to that thing!!!

red velvet cupcakes at 60 pesos
drinks at 135 pesos
cookies at 50 pesos
2 cookies at 75 pesos
paired with ice cream 30 pesos per scoop

You must try their cookies and their truffles.

Their crew are also very calm and honestly they serve well :)

their hot brownie cup is also very delicious and at 95 pesos :)
My cousin, ate Kaye looks like a Korean here right? or more like Chinese?? Let's be safe She looks like Asian! ehehe :)
Don't you adore their lamps?? They are so cute
I want to bring home the chairs badly

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