Friday, September 6, 2013


I grew up well under the roof of my disciplinarian father, he was very strict before and a straight forward man. He was never a soft spoken person maybe that's where I got my frankness and being out spoken. While growing up he never sleeps if one of his children is missing, he makes sure that there's food on the table, he checks if we dress up well and looks presentable. My father is a very responsible man though he is not perfect as a father he tried everything to give us a good life and for me that is all that matters.

I can't seem to understand him before. There were times I wished I had a different father, a cool father, a father who will not scold me if I'm 15 minutes late from the agreed time, a father who doesn't mind if I stayed out late but as I age and learn about life I started to understand him completely.

All I can say now is that it's so rare to find a responsible man, and I'm blessed God gave me a father that selflessly gave everything for his children.

He will turn 51 next month and I'm gonna spend more time with him given the luxury now, If I will have a man in the future I'll make sure that he is more likely my father, responsible, God fearing and a true gentleman.

"You are worth a lot, don't go and mess with any boy, Love when you're ready and not because of pressure. Study well, don't give me problems with school, Choose friends that will bring out the best in you" -- My father's never ending line when I was still in school and I really followed his words I surrounded my life with positive friends in school and didn't linger with boys and now my father's line is "Choose a guy that will not cause stress in your life" HAHAHAHAHA...

He will never be replaced in my heart, He is the first man and the last man I will love and cherish :)

(A face without make-up)

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