Saturday, November 24, 2012


My favorite part of every wedding ceremony

I love weddings, You can witness a lot of emotions from the groom, bride, their parents to their guests. As I attend Lora's wedding I can tell she was indeed the prettiest of all that day. Lora is my office mate in Accenture and a friend. It was a simple wedding ceremony filled with family and friends. What I also love about wedding is that you take time of preparing everything that sometimes can lead to enjoyment or stress HAHAHA =)
I love how the bride wakes up early and makes sure to be the prettiest on her big day and Lora was able to achieve that

Lora's hairstyle that I really love

They say that when a girl gets married their father usually or should I say normally the saddest person during the ceremony and yes I felt that in this photo damn I cried  just looking at Lora's father. I can tell he is ready to give Lora to other man but the feeling of giving her daughter depresses him. Lora in return almost in tears paying his father respect 
( mano po papa  )

Another emotion captured
A mother letting go of her daughter



Milk first?

I love gifts

L for Lora and not for "LOSER" HAHAHA

Thanks Lora for making us part of your big day the invite was an adventure.

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