Thursday, November 1, 2012


Before I bought my first dslr camera honestly I spent the whole weekend reading blogs of photographers and reading reviews about cameras. So here are all I grasped about the whole photography concept for BEGINNERS (like me).

1.) Know what you need. - Don't buy a DSLR camera for professional photographers if you don't have any idea how to use its functionalities, As an advice its better to buy an entry level and practice that thing if in time you learn to love photography more then that's the time to upgrade.

I got a Canon 600D and I'm happy with my toy. YES I'm a Canon user :)

2.) Read the MANUAL - This really helps believe me! Though I have a bad eye sight (I'm suffering with astigmatism and my grade is 350) I still find ways of learning my camera through Youtube in this way I don't suffer reading small fonts. It's easy using youtube just search for you camera body manual video.

3.) Invest in good lens - While reading a lot of blogs I learned from Christine Chang that starter lens sucks. You will not be able to appreciate photography using that lens instead buy 50mm f/1.8 and play with that lens. For beginners this lens is a win :)

This prime lens is not expensive but it can really let you move around and be creative.

4.) EDIT EDIT EDIT - Should I elaborate more? Photos that are straight from the cameras tends to have poor color quality that's why lightroom and Iphoto on my part is a big HELP. 

This reminds me that I have to download lightroom again..gggrr!!

5.) PRACTICE USING YOUR CAMERA - Go out give a ring to your friends, gather them for a shoot and learn how to be a good photographer.

A mother and daughter shoot with my true friend Jean. I will talk more about this shoot next time :)

That's all for now hope you learn something with this entry.

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