Wednesday, April 3, 2013


We all want to be happy, contented and loved. This worldly things sometimes mislead me to my quest in life and that's to find my happiness. I decided months ago to stop blogging for it eats a lot of my time and I lack inspiration to do it.  Tonight as I open my blog after almost 3 months of being invisible to the blogosphere world, I anticipated that there will less to none at all viewers since the blog is already outdated however the total views counts surprised me, It still reaches thousands of viewers a month. Now I'm back and I'm working on my header, maybe getting a personal domain? hehe.. This has been a plan still last year but up to now it's still not discussed, and lastly more time reading, listening and learning with what I really love - Photography I missed capturing innocent children, perfect landscapes, super in love couples, and my favorite perfect candid shots. I have dreams and that's to travel more, save more, work hard and find genuine happiness.

My officemate's cute daughter

I love this shot so much. A combination of innocence and candid.. Simply Perfect 

I'm gonna miss my lola (grand mother) She pampered me well, she cooked for me and she is simply heaven sent. Rest in peace lola 

Sunset at Lantaw floating restaurant, I love waiting for sunset and how beautiful sun settles down in the mountains - so romantic! 

How about you? What makes you Happy??
Be Happy and if still you're not happy then go search for it somewhere.

Avenue of the Stars 

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