Friday, April 12, 2013

Let's call it Bohemian

When my friend Angie told me she wants to have a bohemian shoot I gave her a YES! I love bohemian concept it ensembles a beauty not everyone can appreciate because of it's uniqueness in nature. Curious as always I researched about "bohemian" and its origin and I found out that bohemian is someone who lives an alternative lifestyle usually creative and have an extremely different tastes in music, literature and fashion, It started in the 19th century in France when they believed that they have to stop living the conventional way and to start wearing and showing to the people who they are through the clothes they wear and the music they play. It was called the Bohemian movement although that movement ended however they left a large influence in the genre of music and fashion.

This photoshoot was made possible with the help of my friends in Accenture and my friend in YFC
Thanks Claire, Jesil, Riza, Mitch (Angie's cousin) and Nica (my friend in YFC) and also to my friend Aby for coming with me =)

Thanks to Angie for the make-up, Style Avenue for the outfits used and cheers to the other photographers who were with me in this shoot.

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