Sunday, December 2, 2012


My mother is my best friend, a constant listener and my hero. She seems to find a way to solve all my problems. She knows exactly the person inside me, without a word she knows I'm happy, without a word she knows there's something wrong and that something is bothering me.

My mother is not getting any younger and that saddened me many a times. That's primarily the reason why I always find time to spend with her as much as possible over my busy schedule with work and friends.

When I told my mother 2 years ago that my plans changed and that I will no longer pursue her dream for me to become a CPA like her, she told me that I don't have to care what she says and that I should take in-charge of my decisions. I know that she really wants me to follow her footsteps but for now I'm not yet ready to go back to school and give that to title to her, maybe someday but not now or maybe never only the stars can tell. 

She is not a perfect mother and likewise I'm not a perfect child there are many instances we fight over things unclear, but it always end up her understanding me, That leads me to conclusion that a mother's love will never ever be questioned. Someday I will be a good mother and in return provide my children the same love my mother showed to her 3 children.

Happy 54th birthday ma Stay Beautiful =)

I really love listening to this song by Spice Girls entitle "Mama"

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