Saturday, December 8, 2012


Something happened to the autofocus of my 50mm lens last week. So a friend of mine let me borrowed his wide angle tamron lens. For this blog I'll show you random shots last week at the office some are candid some are not. 

Jonah and Puyetch sharing gossips and laughing.

Hi Dex. Hahaha :)

Big boy with a teddy bear! 

Oppa Gangnam Style inspired

After office I had dinner with Aby. Junie and Junie's cousins, We ate spicy lechon at the IT park bazaar and we suffered big time. It was soooooooooo spicy huhuhu. 

When you ate a lechon as spicy as this one bottle of water isn't enough and be sure to have a hanky!

And lastly we headed out to for some karaoke session near the vicinity of IT Park.

A photo of Junie at the karaoke house

It was a fun filled night! Cheers :)

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