Sunday, December 23, 2012

Take me back to December

Christmas season is all around us. Since the start of December I've been surrounded with full calendar parties and reunions. Here are some photos of my December activities, I have to summarize them in one post since they are all backlogs and making a post one by one would mean very late update and one meaningless post.

1.) GDN Technology Christmas Party - Held at out office at E bloc2 IT Park. The theme of our Christmas Party was all around the world so each workforce should represent one region and we were asked to represent the Americas consists of the North America and South America. We picked 3 states in Americas and that's New York, California and Mexico. We made our own version of Central Park, Walk of Fame. Hollywood Sign and of course the celebrities should be present like the famous Manilyn Monroe, Micheal Jackson, Johnny Depp, Jennifer Aniston not to mention I was asked to be Christina Aguilera, Don't React! I know I'm far away or not even close to her but it was actually fun impersonating her. It was a contest so we gave all that we can to bring the prize however we lose a good fight! HAHAHA..



Welcome to Mexico (MEHICO)

Mexican Food on the house baby

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

2.) PCS CHRISTMAS PARTY- Held at Marriott Hotel the theme was HOMECOMING so we were asked to wear our perspective theme. Our team picked the NERDS so we were obliged to wear what the nerds usually wear in a daily basis. It was fun looking for the costume and the nerdy glasses really worked for me though I look like 10 years older booooooo!!! That's plainly the reason why I don't wear my glasses and opt to suffer my bad eyesight. I know deeply that I look like a manang wearing them and envy those who look cute with glasses on.

Here's my peg for that night I'm with my glasses to achieve the nerdy look but what I wore here is my costume for the Search for Accenture's Best Dance Crew

with my friend Cha :)

The highlight of the event for me was the Search for Accenture Best Dance Crew were in I was one of the 14 to represent my team. We practiced less compared to the other teams since we were bombarded with other tasks in between but yet on the day of the event we crammed like hell and perfected the dance steps and guess what?? We brought home the bacon :)

Team Jan and Niesse
1st place
2nd place

Here are some photos of the party


3.) Desiree's Birthday Celebration - Ate at Qbay a Japanese restaurant at Skyrise 4 IT Park (more about this story on another post) 
shot with Samsung S3 owned by Des

4.) Lolo Perning's Death Anniversary - At my cousin's house

Bared face us HAHAHAHA

5.) Team Yul Christmas Party - Held at Margarita Cafe Robinland Inc., It rained that day and our set-up was ruined there were no tents prepared for any back-up but instead the offered their other function room. After the rain stop we went back to the rooftop as initially planned.

Pembroke Team - My team for 1 year and 2 months already =)
My beautiful friends
My team leader with her fiance
My Manito

6.) Angie's 22nd Birthday - At her house. We had a great night singing our lungs out and that day after we have to be in the office early and we did it though with a sleepy head! HAHAHA :)

Nom Nom Sinugbang Baboy
The birthday Girl =)

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