Tuesday, December 25, 2012


Our concept for the presentation was just "Plainly fun" we followed Kenny's suggestion to add a folk dance in our presentation and of course the very famous Oppa Gangnam Style but then we were saddened to receive an email to asked us to refrain from using that song so we end up dancing the Oppa Gangnam Style Dance Steps in our Manglalatik soundtrack HAHAHA..

Exactly one week before the Accenture PCS Christmas Party, Our team makes sure to practice in the parking area 30 minutes everyday for 1 week and practiced 1 hour and 30 minutes every night 2 days before the competition. We noticed that we are still not synchronized so on the day of the competition we planned to practice. At first inviting our Senior Manager in Accenture was just a joke from our Team leader. One of the guidelines of the competition was to have one team leader in the crew. When we invited our team leader to be part of the dance he told us "Ayaw lang ako si Franz lang". My friend John then said "sige ha ako email-an" John then asked me to compose the mail and he send it to him without second thoughts. He didn't replied that day so we thought he already declined the invitation 2 days after that he finally said Yes!! Hurrayyyyy... Now the problem is will Franz be okay if we told him he will dance the Manglalatik? 

December 13,2012, Thursday 4:30 p.m.  Day One for Franz to practice and in all honesty he can easily get the steps and he didn't backed out when he knew he will be part of the folk dance dancers. When he mastered the Manglalatik steps we told him "Mau nato Franz" He then replies to us "Huh? Mao ratu?" So we said to him "Nahan paka? Sige apil ka sa Ma boy" Ma boy is a KPop with sexy dance steps.

Our Secret Practice Place
Yul - Our Team Leader who made sure we practiced HAHAHA
Kenny the over-all-in-charge of the team

2nd Problem - December 14, 2012 , Friday - We didn't follow the guidelines about to have a team leader in the crew. We might get disqualified from the competition, Praise God Maylene, a team leader didn't hesitate to say NO even if it's on short notice imagine the competition will be that day after. 

Maricar teaching Maylene the dance steps
arms side ward RAISE!!!
Now this time arms forward RAISE!!




I end my post with Ma Boy the Korean song and if you have time why not follow the dance steps? Surely you will have fun. Trust me :)

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