Friday, December 28, 2012


My Highschool Best Friends 
@ La Maison Ayala Terraces

While talking random topics in the office with my friends we came across the topic "BOYS" and I said "Wala man jud kuy swerte ana puro ko dimalas when it comes to them" and she said "Yan you are still the luckiest girl I know even if you don't have a boyfriend, Every girl gets jealous of how you keep your friends in your arms and how you and your siblings interact its really extraordinary" Na speechless ko. HAHAHAHA :D

   Meet my twin Hale.. We call each other Fret.. She is also one of my best friend... We cover up each other when we have plans not under the constitution set by our father HAHAHA.. She is my lifesaver and my tig takip butas..Thanks Fret :)

I honestly miss my brown hair. I'm thinking of having that color again for 2013. Whatchuthink??? :D

I miss all of our memories together 

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