Sunday, December 23, 2012


My big obsession for photography started 2 months ago after I successfully bought a camera after sacrificing many dinner-outs with friends, lunch-out with officemates and many more in between but my love for documenting priceless memories started years before using any tool available could it be my cellular phone camera or my digital camera. My only aim during those times was simple to capture a moment and make it stop and last forever I don’t follow any rules in photography since I don’t have any knowledge about those but then after I got my camera my aim to capture a moment was changed or simplified by the word evolved it’s not enough to press the shutter and capture you have to keep in mind other things that matters like camera settings and the composition. I learned from a wedding photographer based in Los Angeles, Christine Chang that there are two types of photographers in this world the technical photographers and the intuitive photographers – Technical photographers are those who masters at using camera equipment and light. They love to use technical jargon and have it down to a science, while Intuitive photographers masters at seeing and feeling the moment they want to capture. She mentioned in her blog that you have to discover yourself and know what kind of photographer are you then work it out to be marvelous in both. After discovering that I’m an intuitive at heart I started reading my manual, self study basics in photography and tried my best to be technical. I didn’t end up expanding my learning there I joined Accenture Photography Club to be able to interact with fellow officemates whose love for photography is beyond imagination, talking with people with the same drive and goal interests me so much you get to learn from them their techniques, their knowledge and their very remarkable experiences so when I learned that there was a workshop entitled Photography Essential last December 10, 2012. I didn’t hesitate to join the said activity, our mentor for that workshop was Sandy Gabutin and he shared to us his story on how he started to love Photography there I learned that he is self taught and his drive for photography is simply unexplainable. From the 2 hour workshop I was able to grasp 4 important factors to keep in mind if you are a beginner  first is the relationship of the ISO, Aperture and shutter speed and how one factor affects each other, The higher the aperture(small number values) -- Faster shutter speed, Higher ISO – Faster Shutter Speed, secondly In order to greatly enjoy photography I learned that you have to set your mode to Manual so you can freely control all the settings on what you prefer however if you are not that educated yet then might as well try the Program mode represented by the letter P and simply override the settings given by the camera avoid using Automatic represented by a colored green A as it will not allow you to be creative. Thirdly I  learned the rules in photography like rule of thirds, leading lines, symmetry and patterns, sunny f16 and etcetera and when to properly break those rules. Lastly I also learned that you have to know what type of photography you are really into before buying accessories so all those investments will not be put into waste. I’m into photographing people so I have to focus on buying lenses/accessories that are great for portrait shots. We wrapped the workshop with practice shots it was not just an ordinary one, Sandy introduced to us projector photography and in all honesty I was amazed on how cool it was we asked someone from the room to model for us and she was game to do it. 

My shots that workshop

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